Graffiti & Breakdancing

Graffiti and breakdancing will be used as tools for both artistic expression, and more so to teach positive favela culture. The culture of the favela has been intertwined with the gangs to the point where music, dance, art, and anything else that comes from favelas has the stigma of coming from the gangs. However, favela culture is much deeper than simply gangs, and one of our goals will be to teach this culture and its roots. Two of the art forms that have roots in the favelas, but are not necessarily related to gangs, are graffiti and breakdancing. If these art forms are taught in the right way, they can have a very positive impact on our student’s lives, and lead to future opportunities.


Media & Social outreach

Media is a tool that favela residents can use to start changing the reputation of the favelas. The majority of the news that comes out of favelas is negative news about gangs. Even though gang members represent a very small portion of people in the favela, all favela residents end up assuming the negative stereotypes. If we teach youth how to use media outlets, a different image of the favelas can enter mainstream media, one that does not simply portray violence. This will contribute greatly to the breaking of social classes,  and more opportunities and the mixing of the social classes will come with it.