The Centre


In Brazil black Brazilians have consistently higher illiteracy rates than white Brazilians. As the majority of favela residents are Black, we have targeted Portuguese classes as an essential part of Tio Lino. If our students can start to feel more comfortable reading and writing Portuguese, kids will stop falling behind in public schools and improve their overall education.


Most of favela youth are very close-minded. The favela is their entire world, they don’t know of, nor do they dream of, a world past it. The goal with geography classes is simply to open their eyes to the world and the imagination and possibilities that can come with it.



English is still the global common language and a simple way to greatly grow opportunity. If our students leave our school speaking conversational English, at a minimum this will lead to a job in tourism or hospitality, continuing to push them away from gang life. Furthermore, while applying to almost any important job or educational opportunity, English is a prerequisite; learning English will help our students open more avenues to further education and employment.