George Crawley

George is highly motivated and is driven by the goals of making positive impact and changing the world. Following a brain operation in Tanzania his life changed and was saved due to circumstances largely beyond his control. He spent two years recovering in London before embarking on this journey to Rio de Janeiro in January of 2017. He successfully started a grassroots NGO teaching, mentoring and inspiring children from the favela using tennis. George co-founded ACE and his mission has only heightened. He has never been more dedicated to making a real and sustainable impact to children living through hardship and poverty. What he does inspires him daily, and he wants to share his story with philanthropists, young people, schools and universities; spreading and sharing this message: "You cant help everybody but imagine a world where everybody helped somebody".



Dylan Brown 

Dylan grew up in Colorado and graduated from the University of Oregon in 2014, with a B.A. in International Development. He fell in love with Brazil during a year abroad in São Paulo in 2013 and has spent the majority of the past five years in and out of the country. Most recently, he spent that last two and half years developing grassroots community development projects in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, managing two, and founding a third. He is one of the founding partners of ACE, and has the ultimate goal of building a progressive NGO that connects impoverished youth globally, empowering them to make be the change makers in their communities.