Tennis and Football

Through tennis and soccer, we have an exciting opportunity to build character, develop confidence, cultivate sportsmanship, promote teamwork, and foster tolerance and diversity. These ideals promote balance and purpose on and off the court. While many sports can be good tools for social impact, tennis stands out because of its nature and culture. Learning to win and lose with both grace and dignity are crucially important on the court and in life; furthermore, learning to lose is an even greater test of character. Soccer, however, has somewhat lost its way in the modern world, with many professionals not realizing how their daily attitude impacts adoring children. We aim to have football classes which bring respect and elegance back to the sport of soccer, teaching the importance of rules, self-restraint and decency. Sports will also give us a chance to unite social classes. ACE will have our very own Rocinha tennis and soccer teams utilized for games, social integration and competitive competition between different social classes, favelas and countries.

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