An introduction to ACE 


We aim for a world with equal opportunity. We seek not to just be another charity, but to be a model that contributes to long-term sustained development. Too often we see small charities going up against overwhelmingly complex problems that are too big to solve, and we see unsustainable charities falling at the knees of modern financial pressures. Too regularly we see the modern donors asking the wrong questions, focusing on short-term tangible results instead of long-term problem-solving potential. We aim for a charity that has short-term success, but with the flexibility to invest in the bigger picture. A charity that educates and inspires to the highest degree, that pushes the next generation to ask the difficult questions, and that motivates them to be the change-makers in their communities and country.

We BElieve:

Through sport, education, art, and therapy; ACE believes that we can achieve our mission and start to close the economic divide, and integrate social classes in both Brazil and, in time, around the world.