WHAT makes us different

What makes ACE different? Our ideology. We believe that the nonprofit world is outdated and has to start adapting to modernised ideals. Why, with billions of dollars invested into NGOs worldwide, and information more readily available than ever, do we still struggle to close the gap on the world’s principal development and social issues? ACE believes that the core of the issue is the way that NGOs are 'allowed' to spend money and the core philosophy of philanthropic giving. Nonprofit organisations need to be treated more like businesses, and, just like any successful business, NGOs need the flexibility to invest in people. People who will push the organisation forward, provide sustainability, and maximise impact. ACE is different because we invest in our team, our project, and our goals. By hiring highly qualified and motivated candidates, we will push our project forward, ensuring maximum KPI’s, sustainability and scalability. We also put a premium on hiring locals from the community to manage the projects. This not only provides a positive role model for our students, but also ensures that each project is rooted in actual community needs. Unlike most organisations who work on a service model (that is, inviting foreigners to come in and offer a service that they think will better the community), we harness long-term community development and involvement by putting the locals in positions of power, where they choose what classes are most important to their community.